Goodbye V.2 and welcome V.3

Transport V.1One of my first dynamic web project back in 2004 was the portal Earlier that year I have started to learn PHP and to use MySQL as my first database. It was very exciting what I could do with PHP & MySQL so I was very confident with the new assignment I got. The project had simple requirements of having one administrator to add/manage ads from the transportation industry. Hm that was pretty simple, the administrator got the information from external users by fax, email or phone and just typed them in. And then those external users could check the site for ads. Interesting I have just found on the cached version of the site. You can take a look at it here

TRANSPORT V.2Later in 2006 it was time to make some major improvements, all until then the site went under minor changes. At that time the site had several thousands of ads per month, and it was hard to manage all of those ads in a timely manner. So it was time to allow users to add & manage their own ads on the site. This lead to the next big revision V.2 which was up after a month of intensive work and testing. The new V.2 site had still been done in PHP & MySQL. Now all of the users had their accounts which different privileges depending on their sign-up option. The users now could setup email notification, so they could get only relevant ads, which meant to make custom e-mail list and throttling the e-mails send so the site did not pass the 500 e-mails/hour limit setup by the hosting company. This version worked for the pass 4 years having only several minor changes.

TRANSPORT V.3April 2010, it has been over 4 months that I have been learning Ruby on Rails, and it is really exciting. Although I have read some articles about RoR I never gave it a try. Well once I did, I got addicted, read several books , then went  through many screen-casts and tutorials. What a better way to try my newly learned language than to redo my first dynamic web project. So it was time for V.3, the first step was to re-program all of the existing requirements and add new ones. During the March I have re-written everything in RoR and added some new features cool features including Google Maps and connected the site to several web services from the company to checking the accuracy of newly registered users and so on. The result was a brand new site with a fresh CSS3 layout and many features. As the site went live over 7 days ago I am still visiting it several times a day and making some minor updates to get the best of it. If I follow a pattern maybe in 2-3 years another mayor update will come out. On the many positive  experience when doing a project for a long time is that you get close to the matter, so I know a lot (I really meat a lot) about the transportation industry.